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Electronic Notification of DSHS Rule Making

RPAU sends e-mail notices to people interested in receiving DSHS rule-making information by using any of 12 electronic mailing lists (listserv files) that we maintain. If you would like to be notified by e-mail when DSHS files a rule-making notice (CR-101, CR-102, CR-103 or CR-105) on a particular subject, choose one of the lists below. Please note: If you sign up for the RPAUEVERYTHINGS list, you will be notified about every DSHS rule-making notice.

How to subscribe for e-mail notification: Send an e-mail message to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.DSHS.WA.GOV. In the body of your e-mail message, type subscribe and the name of the list(s) you wish to join, followed by @LISTSERV.DSHS.WA.GOV. For example, to get notices about rule-making actions from the DSHS Children's Administration, your message would say: subscribe RPAUCAF@LISTSERV.DSHS.WA.GOV. If you need help signing up, contact the DSHS Rules Coordinator.

LISTSERV Name DSHS Program Subject Matter
RPAUEVERYTHINGS All DSHS rule-making notices Same
RPAUORDLISTP Permanent (final) rule-making orders only All DSHS programs, only when rules are made final
RPAUORDLISTE Emergency rule-making orders only All DSHS programs, only for emergency rules
RPAUCAF Children's Administration Adoption support, foster care, child group and receiving homes, etc.
RPAUDASAD Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (formerly Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse) Treatment and treatment program certification
RPAUDCSN Division of Child Support Child support enforcement; payments; requirements for employers
RPAUDDDG Division of Developmental Disabilities In-home, group home and institutional support for persons with developmental disabilities
RPAUDHHSB Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Office Hearing technology support and services; sign language services
RPAUJRAI Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration Juvenile Services
RPAULISTM Language Testing and Certification Testing requirements to provide bilingual services to DSHS clients.
RPAUMHDJ Mental Health Division Community and institutional supports and services for persons with mental health needs
RPAUADMINISTRATIONA Administration and Miscellaneous General administrative rule-making, public disclosure

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Contact the following programs directly to join an e-mail or postal mail list for rule making on:

Subject Matter DSHS Program Contact
Assisted living facilities, boarding homes, nursing homes, and certified residential services & support. Aging and Long Term Support Administration, Residential Care Services Lisa Yanagida
In-home, community and institutional support for elderly and persons with disabilities. Long-term care medical assistance. Aging and Long Term Support Administration, Home and Community Services Angel Sulivan
Food or cash assistance, child care support and licensing. Economic Services Administration Jenny Grayum
Developmental disabilities, alternate living, companion homes, community protection program, individual and family services Developmental Disabilities Administration Alan McMullen
Mental health and treatment for addicition, Behavioral Health and Service Integration Administration Kathy Sayre
CPS, foster care, adoption, child care placing agencies Children's Administration Constituent Relations

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Page modified: August 20, 2014