WAC 388-450-0120

Effective November 1, 2011

WAC 388-450-0120 Does the department allocate the income of financially responsible parents to a pregnant or parenting minor?

This section applies to TANF/SFA, RCA and PWA programs. 

The income of nonapplying financially responsible parent(s) of a pregnant or parenting minor is countable to meet the needs of the minor and the child(ren) after the income is reduced by the following:

  1. A ninety dollar work expense from the financially responsible parent's gross income from employment;

  2. An amount not to exceed the department's standard of need for:

    1. The financially responsible parent and dependent living in the home who are not applying for or receiving cash benefits and not a disqualified individual; and

    2. Court or administratively ordered current or back support for legal dependents.

  3. Spousal maintenance payments made to meet the needs of individuals not living in the home.

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