WAC 388-450-0165

Effective March 8, 2004

WAC 388-450-0165 Gross earned income limit for TANF / SFA.

When applying the gross earned income limit as required under WAC 388-478-0035

  1. "Family" means:

    1. All adults and children who would otherwise be included in the assistance unit under WAC 388-408-0015, but who do not meet TANF / SFA eligibility requirements;

    2. The unborn child of a woman in her third trimester of pregnancy; and

    3. The husband of a woman in her third trimester of pregnancy, when residing together.

  2. "Gross earned income" does not include excluded income, as provided in WAC 388-450-0015.

  3. The following amounts are disregarded when determining a family's gross earned income:

    1. Court or administratively ordered current or back support paid to meet the needs of legal dependents, up to:

      1. The amount actually paid; or

      2. A one-person need standard for each legal dependent.

    2. Authorized ongoing additional requirement payment as defined in chapter 388-473 WAC .

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