WAC 388-450-0170

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 388-450-0170 Does the department provide an earned income deduction as an incentive for persons who receive TANF/SFA to work?

This section applies to TANF / SFA, RCA, and PWA.  

  1. If a client works, the department only counts some of the income to determine eligibility and benefit level.

  2. We only count fifty percent of your monthly gross earned income.  We do this to encourage you to work.

  3. If you pay for dependent care before we approve your benefits, we subtract the amount you pay for those dependent children or incapacitated adults who get cash assistance with you.

    1. The amount we subtract is:

      1. Prorated according to the date you are eligible for benefits;

      2. Cannot be more than your gross monthly income; and

      3. Cannot exceed the following for each depending child or incapacitated adult:

Dependent Care Maximum Deductions
Hours Worked Per Month Child Two Years of Age & Under Child Over Two Years of Age or Incapacitated Adult

0 - 40

$ 50.00

$ 43.75

41 - 80

$ 100.00

$ 87.50

81 - 120

$ 150.00


121 or More

$ 200.00


b.  In order to get this deduction:

i.  The person providing the care must be someone other than the parent or stepparent of  the child or incapacitated adult; and

ii.  You must verify the expense.

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