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DSHS Agency Recovery Plan

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, passed by congress and signed by President Obama, helps DSHS extend benefits to those in need.

Agency: Department of Social and Health Services
Senior Accountable Official: Gary Robinson

Section 1: Agency-wide Recovery Plan

  1. Strategy for Recovery Funds
    Governor Gregoire's core principles for economic stimulus:
    1. Get money in people's pockets immediately.
    2. Create or save jobs in the near-term.
    3. Make innovative investments in areas that lay the foundation for Washington's 21st Century economy.
    4. Create strategic alliances with the private sector, non-profits, local governments and other state agencies that align goals and magnify the effect of resources.
    5. Apply unprecedented accountability and transparency principles.

  2. Summary of ARRA Grant Programs and Funds
    Recovery Act grant programs administered by this agency, the amount of funds expected, whether the funds are distributed through a formula or are discretionary or competitive, and the agency program responsible for administration.

ARRA-Funded Program Funds Expected Formula or Discretionary/
Agency Program Responsible
Medicaid FMAP Stimulus $1.69 billion through December 2010 Formula HRSA/Medical Assistance Program
Medicaid Payments for DSH hospitals $4,530,635 for FY09 Formula HRSA/Medical Assistance Program
Foster Care and Adoption Assistance (Title IV-E; CFDA #93-658/9) $1,990,191 Adoption Asst.
Foster Care
Formula Children's Administration
Aging services programs - Senior Meals $1,286,686 Congregate Nt.
Home Delivered
Formula ADSA/Long Term Care
Community Service Employment for Older Americans $350,400 Formula ADSA/Long Term Care
Infant Toddler Early Intervention (ITEIP) program $8,448,333 Formula ADSA/Developmental Disabilities
SNAP - Basic Food 13.6% increase $148,660,387
SFY 2010
SFY 2011
Formula Economic Services Administration
SNAP Administrative Expenses $3,424, 353
SFY 2009
$3.4 million
SFY 2010
Formula Economic Services Administration
TANF Emergency Fund Up to $19 million per year Formula Economic Services Administration
Support Enforcement Estimated GF-S savings of -
$6.2 million in SFY 2009;
$8.2 million in SFY 2010;
$2.0 million on SFY2011
Formula Division of Child Support
Vocational Rehabilitation State Grants (CFDA 84.126) Estimated $9,116,383 Formula Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

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