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Susan Barkan

Shrounda Selivanoff, a veteran of the child welfare system, is a strong and passionate advocate for parents in the child welfare system. Since reunifying with her daughter 4 years ago, she has worked in the King County Parents for Parents program and provided leadership with the King County Parent Advocacy Committee. She currently works as a Family Case Manager with the UW Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit and Perinatal Treatment Services, serves as the elected parent facilitator for the Washington State Parent Advocacy Network and is a founding member of the Birth Parent National Network. Through these initiatives, she provides leadership in policy work at the local, state, and national levels.

Ms. Selivanoff participation and commitment towards families was recognized by the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance as they named her their 2011 Advocacy Champion. She brings an experience and passion towards all families that encounter disparity within the child welfare system, and she feels honored to bring her voice and energies in service to these families as a member of the Washington State Racial Disproportionality Advisory Committee.

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