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About Social Worker Academy

Social Worker Academy is a four-week training program required of all social workers. It is made up of three weeks of classroom instruction and one week of field experience focusing on child safety and assessment tools, relationship building with families, children and caregivers as well as an introduction to legal processes.

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Mandatory Training Policy

The Department of Social and Health Services is mandated by RCW 74.14B.010 to provide comprehensive training for all social workers employed in children services (Children's Administration).

Children's Administration requires social workers to attend Social Worker Academy within 15 days of hire and complete training before carrying cases and working with families.

Social Worker Academy is offered 11 times annually to provide opportunity for all newly hired social workers to receive training in a timely manner.

Who trains Social Worker Academy?

  • Children's Administration Academy Staff
  • Contracted Trainers
  • Public Sector Volunteers
  • Children's Administration Volunteer Staff
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