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The Dope on Drugs
Foster Children and Drugs

The children in foster care are at extremely high risk for drug and alcohol abuse. Many factors contribute to this, including:

Because substance abuse is so common with foster children, you need to make vigorous active efforts to avoid this devastating problem. A first step is learning more about drug and alcohol abuse. The following activity will help you evaluate your understanding of drug and alcohol abuse.


Test Your Knowledge!

Choose a response to each question below. Click the letter next to the response you choose.

1. A can of beer is less intoxicating than the average drink that contains hard liquor.

A True
Wrong! They both contain the same amount.
B False

2. How do most drug users make their first contact with illegal drugs?

A Through "pushers" seeking new customers.
B Through their friends
C Accidentally

3. Cold showers and black coffee help sober up a person who has had too much to drink.

A True
B False

4. Which of the following has the highest immediate risk to the user?

A Marijuana
B Heroin
C Inhalants

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