Natural and Logical Consequences
Logical Consequences
[Cartoon: Child skipping chores and then having to clean up yard]

Logical consequences are options you suggest to your child. They are different from natural consequences because they are presented by you instead of nature or society. You should choose consequences directly related to the unacceptable behavior. For example, if your child skips a chore have her do an extra chore; don't take away TV. If she leaves a mess, have her clean two rooms; don't ground her for a week.

[Cartoon: Parent to child "After you clean up your room, we can go play catch."]Other examples include:

You can give positive and negative consequences.

Positive consequences are things your children like. This varies for different kids. Examples of positive consequences are:

[Cartoon: Parent to child, "No movie if you're not home for dinner."]Negative consequences are things your child does not like. Some examples are:

It is important to emphasize the positive. Give more positive consequences than negative.


Test Your Knowledge!

Choose a response to each situation below using logical consequences when appropriate. Click the letter next to the response you choose.

1. Situation: Victor leaves his tricycle outside.

A You leave the tricycle outside and tell Victor, "If you leave your bike out it will rust or be stolen."
B You put the tricycle in the garage.
C You tell Victor, "If you don't bring that tricycle in, you will not be allowed to use it tomorrow."

2. Situation: Gabriel refuses to wear a coat outside even though it is cold and rainy.

A You say, "Don't be ridiculous!" and put the coat on him.
B You say, "If you won't put your coat on, you will have to play indoors."
C You allow him to go outside without his coat.

[Cartoon: Moldy food]3. Situation: Kim leaves food in her room.

A You make her eat the moldy old food.
B You don't interfere.
C You say, "If you do not throw away that food by dinnertime, you will not be getting any dessert."

4. [Cartoon: Sixteen year old, "I should have taken out the garbage, now I have to pay the dump fee."Situation: Shantelle forgets to take the garbage out.

A You tell her she must take it to the dump and pay the fee herself.
B You take it out and don't say anything to her.
C You say, "You never do any work around here and I'm sick and tired of it! You're grounded for a week."

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