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Video Training

Are You Ready? This video will assist you to prepare your home and family for unexpected disasters. Take a few minutes out of your day to learn what you need to know to be ready. You will be glad you did! (3 min 23 sec).
Back on Track, a film for and about youth in care (34 min).
Behavioral Challenges in Foster Care with Gary Benton. Learn about handling challenging behaviors in children. (59 min)
Behavior Management ages 11-18 with Wendy Warman,MSW.) This video deals with behaviors of children experiencing emotional distress. (2 hrs 27 min)
Brain Development and Nurturing Children's Growing Minds with Victoria Tennant. Learn how the brain works and how you can enhance the growth of a young mind. (5 hrs 20 min)
Bright Futures in Preventative Mental Health with Mickey Kander, MSW, MPH. This is a curriculum developed by the University of Washington to address the mental health of children in care. (4 videos, 3 hrs 38 min total)
Child Welfare 101. Learn more about the Court Dependency process as it functions in Pierce County, WA. (1 hr 12 min).
Clinical Issues for the Relative Caregiver with Dr. Joseph Crumbley. Dr. Crumbley is a noted expert in the field of Kinship Care. His valuable insights are delivered with compassion and humor. (2 hrs 4 min)
De-escalation Techniques in Foster Care with Gary Benton. In this workshop, Gary Benton helps us to develop skills to bring the tension down with children in care. (59 min)
The Dependency Court Process and the Role that Foster Parents Can Play. Getting ready for court can be a intimidating experience. Learn what is expected and the role you can play in the process. (1 hr 26 min)
Effects of Multiple Placements on Youth in Care with Dinah Martin, MSW Multiple placements can lead to a lack of bonding on the part of a child in that circumstance. Learn how to prevent multiple placements. (2 videos, 4 hours total)
Extreme behavior and associated mental health issues with Sharon Young, LMFT. This workshop will help you understand mental health issues that can impact youth. (4 videos, 3 hr 43 min total)
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Fetal Alcohol Related Conditions with Carolyn Hartness and Julie Gelo. Learn how to structure your home to accommodate the needs of children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. (4 hrs 30 min)
Fire Safety for Young Children Learn how to keep young children safe in a fire with Ed Burgado (9 min). Part of keeping kids safe is making sure that they know what to do in a fire. This video should be viewed, not only by you, but by the children in your home. It could save their life! En Espanol
Giving Our Youth Wings to Fly with Robert Danzig. Mr. Danzig, retired CEO of the Hearst Corporation, talks with youth in care about succeeding in life. Mr. Danzig should know as he grew up in foster care and learned valuable lessons that helped him in his business and personal life. (55 min)
Important Issues in Indian Child Welfare. This is a panel discussion about the Indian Child Welfare Act and why it is important to our work with Native children. (1 hr)
Keeping It Real. A film about the importance of cultural connections for African American children in non African American homes.
Mandatory Reporting - As a caregiver, you are a mandated reporter of child abuse and neglect. Learn more about the reporting process in this video. (23 min 6 sec) View the transcript of this video
Nak Nu We Sha Program, Yakama Nation. Reflect on the importance of foster homes within the Native community. (9 min)
No Excuse music video. Encourages youth being abused to stand up, don't be afraid, and get help. (2 min 20 sec)
Relative Placement Through DCFS. The best place for a child is with their family. This panel discussion touches on the benefits and challenges of parenting a grandchild or other relative. (44 min)
Success Stories of Youth in Care - See what a difference you can make in the life of a young person in out-of-home care. Children need to know that they can reach for the stars, regardless of their early life circumstances. Learn about four very resilient youth, who, with the support of mentors, have succeeded! (28 min)
Trauma and Children with Ross Dawson, MSW and Dr. Harry Kramer. Learn about trauma and how it effects children, especially in the post 9/11 era. (1 hr 25 min)
We are GLBTQ. What you should know about the care and support of youth who are Gay, Lesbian, Transgender or questioning their sexual identify. (42 min) Download discussion guide (167 kb)
Working with ADHD and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders with Randi Hankins. Randi is a dynamic speaker who delivers information with humor and compassion to those dealing with ADHD and FASD. You will learn a great deal in this workshop on how to improve the environment for children with these issues. (4 videos, 5 hrs 5 min total)
Working Effectively with Children of the Incarcerated, their Parents and Caregivers - Understand the particular needs of families with an incarcerated parent and learn effective practices working with these families and social service providers.
Working with Children Who Display Physically Aggressive Behaviors - Learn what you need to know to help your child deal with physically acting out behavior and to create a safe and nurturing environment. (1 hr 11 min)
Working with Children Who Display Sexual Behavioral Problems - Learn what you need to know to create a safe and nurturing home for children who have displayed sexually acting out behavior (1 hr 13 min)

We are providing links to informational materials. This does not constitute an endorsement of an author, methodology, or intervention. Before attempting any interventions advocated in books, videos, DVD's, CD's and audiotapes (with a child in the custody of DSHS), you must first have the approval of the child's assigned social worker.