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DSHS Cultural Competency Report 2014-2016

Our Vision

The Department welcomes, values, and supports cultural competence and embraces respect for the individual differences of our employees and clients. Our interaction with all segments of society must be transparent and reflective of our commitment to excellence.

Our Mission

The Department recognizes that everyone has a culture and we have a commitment to promote respect and understanding of diverse cultures, social groups, and individual attributes. The mission of DSHS is to embrace inclusivity that supports people and communities in reaching their potential.

Our Goals, Objectives and Practices

GOAL 1:  Review Cultural Competency Practices
Each Administration shall provide training to employees to understand the relevance of Cultural Competency in the work environment.

GOAL 2:  Build Community Partnerships
The Department shall provide public relations materials outlining services to culturally diverse communities.

GOAL 3:  Accountability Measurements
The Department continually reviews practices in culturally competent services, improves those services, and identifies training needed to implement the improvements.

GOAL 4:  Support Cultural Competence
Department employees shall have access to the Cultural Competence website sponsored by the Diversity and Inclusion Office.

GOAL 5:  Ensure Language Access
Ensure language access

Our Action Plans

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