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Printed copies of the publications listed in the catorgies below, in red, are available free of charge to Washington residents.  Here are the steps to ordering:

1.  Register here and set up an account if you have not ordered before.

2.  To find a publication, select "Product ID" in the first Search window.

3.  Enter an ID#  from one of the titles listed below in the second Search window.

4.  You will now be on the ordering web page - follow steps for placing an order. 

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Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative

Click here to read a brochure about DBHR's prevention initiative and which Washington communities receive funding for prevention.  Ordering ID# is 22-1464.


Preventing Underage Drinking

  • Bookmark ID# 22-1505: Think Alcohol Doesn't Harm a Teen's Brain English
  • Bookmark ID# 22-1180: Kids Who Drink Before 15 English
  • Bookmark ID# 22-1180SP:  Kids Who Drink Before 15 Spanish
  • Brochure: Mixing Alcohol with Energy Drinks
  • Brochure ID# 22-1506:  My name is Tyler and in 9 years I'll be an alcoholic English
  • Brochure ID #22-1245:  My name is Sara and in 9 years I'll be an alcoholic Spanish
  • Poster ID# 1004:  Alcohol has no place in a healthy childhood
  • Poster ID# 1005:  They talk about everything - talk to them about alcohol
  • Poster ID# 1006:  What is your teen doing after the game?
  • Poster ID# 24-334: My Name is Tyler - Start Talking Before They Start Drinking
  • Poster ID# 24-335  My name is Emily - Start Talking Before They Start Drinking, English
  • Poster ID# 24-335SP   My name is Emily -Spanish
  • Window Cling ID# 1008: Providing alcohol to minors can cost you $5,000
  • Window Cling ID# 1009: Providing alcohol to minors can cost you $5,000

Marijuana education, fact sheets and parent guides

Prescription/Over the Counter Drugs

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Above the Influence

NIDA Facts for Teens

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