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Tobacco-Free Initiative

Nicotine dependence is the most common form of chemical dependence in the United States. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health database shows that one of every three first time cigarette users become dependent (American Society of Addiction Medicine Statement on Nicotine Addiction and Tobacco ).

The Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery supports tobacco-free services and recovery environments.  As part of our tobacco-free initiative, we are supporting:

  • Workforce development
  • Public awareness
  • Reducing youth access to tobacco
  • Requiring tobacco use to be addressed in treatment planning
  • Evaluation

Chemical dependency professionals are in the best position to treat addiction to nicotine, particularly for patients who seek treatment for alcohol and other drug addiction.  We hope these resources will assist your efforts to provide treatment support for patients with nicotine addiction and create a tobacco-free treatment environment.

As the graph below shows, an extremely high percentage of the patients we serve have nicotine addiction.