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Mental Health Services and Information

During 2011-2013, DBHR provided mental health services to 203,000 Washington residents through contracts with 11 Regional Support Networks (RSNs).  Most RSNs are made up of counties or groups of counties.  The RSNs are responsible for:

  • Subcontracting with licensed community mental health agencies to provide services;
  • Managing involuntary treatment services; and 
  • Ensuring services are provided to anyone with a serious mental illness.

Publicly-funded mental health services are available to anyone who is Medicaid-eligible. To find out if you qualify, and to find a certified mental health agency, contact the  Regional Support Network in your area.


Publicly Funded Mental Health Services - Overview

Frequently Asked Questions About Mental Health Services (FAQs)

For a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

For 24-hour help for crisis counseling and referrals:
Call the Washington Recovery Help Line OR the Crisis Line in your area.

If this is not a crisis, please contact your local Mental Health Provider or Regional Support Network

Mental Health Services:

Crisis - Acute/Inpatient Mental Health Care   

Non Crisis - Regional Support Networks

American Indians/Alaska Natives

Division of State Hospitals

Mental Health Services for Children

Peer Support