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Peer support survey

The MHTP contracted with WIMHRT-west to work with the subcommittee to develop of survey instrument. Some highlights of the survey results include:

  • Since the peer counselor training, 39% of the survey respondents have been employed as a peer counselor and 29% have been employed as a non-peer counselor.  Other studies have shown that about 16% of mental health consumers find employment of any sort in Washington State.
  • The job titles of those employed as a non-peer counselor suggests that the majority of these individuals are working in social services or other "helping professions".
  • Over 80% of those employed since the training are currently employed.
  • Those who are employed average 28 hours of work per week, receive an average of $13 per hour, and 48% receive benefits.
  • Eighty-seven percent of employed respondents state that they are always or mostly satisfied with their work.
  • Ninety-three percent of employed respondents state that they are respected in the workplace by mental health clinicians (peer counselors)/co-workers (non-peer counselors).
  • In addition to paid employment, many of those who completed the peer counselor training are doing volunteer work and each contributes an average of 26 hours per month.
  • Eight-one percent of all respondents said that the training prepared them adequately for their role as a peer counselor.  Sixty-six percent of all respondents feel that there are areas that they need more training.

Seventy-two percent expect to remain a peer counselor for the rest of their career or at least the next three years.

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