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Mental Health Performance Indicators

DBHR no longer publishes the annual printed “Performance Indicator” report. Instead, people interested in these reports can now access more current reports via the Mental Health Performance Indicator report application- MH-PI.  The MH-PI is a query and reporting application developed for DBHR. The purpose of the MH-PI is to provide the ability to generate information about consumers served and the outcomes of those services.

Run a Mental Health-Performance Indicator report

This application gives a user the ability to generate information in two primary ways, through running ad hoc queries and by generating standard reports. The ad hoc query functionality gives the user a flexible way to ask and answer questions, while standard reports provide pre-selected analyses on topics chosen by DBHR.  Data on consumer characteristics and the treatment they receive come from DBHR’s management information system. This data is updated monthly.  The MH-PI was developed by Looking Glass Analytics with assistance from DBHR’s Decision Support and Research as well as DSHS’s Office of Technology Services within MPA.