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Mental Health Task Force

The Mental Health Task Force was established during the 2004 Legislative session in order to carefully examine many of the issues impacting the delivery of public mental health services. The task force began their meetings in June 2004. The last meeting of the Task Force prior to the January-April legislative session was December 8, 2004. At the December meeting, final findings and recommendations related to inpatient psychiatric hospital and community residential beds in both the public and private sectors and services and funding for Medicaid and Non-Medicaid recipients were presented.

During the 2005 Regular legislative session, the Task Force's recommendations helped shape legislation that addressed many of the issues brought before the Task Force. The resulting legislation was E2SSB 5763 and E2SHB 1290.

Task Force Legislation as signed into law by Governor Gregoire:
E2SSB 5763 Legislation relating to Community Mental Health Services, changes to the RSN structure, and the procurement of mental health services at the community level.

E2SHB 1290 Legislation relating to the treatment of mental health and substance abuse disorders, establishing treatment pilot programs (also known as the "Omnibus Mental Health/Substance Abuse Treatment Act."


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