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Mental health topics

  1. I Want to Be - (Employing people living with mental illness)
    This video tells the inspiring stories of three very different individuals who have found value through meaningful work and supportive employment while living with a serious mental illness. Business professionals attest to the dividends they receive by hiring people striving to make a better life.  An introduction by former Governor Christine Gregoire established the commitment of the State of Washington to become a leader in the employment of individuals living with mental illness and that their success benefits us all.

    Watch the video: I Want to Be

  2. Mental health Recovery and Resiliency: Principles & Practices, Trainer, Mary Jadwisiak

  3. Walking In Recovery
    One in four people will experience a mental illness. With support, up to 90% of them will recover. The journey to recovery is as unique as an individual’s mental illness itself.  To better understand,  “Walking In Recovery” is a video tool to help carry the message of resiliency and recovery to communities across the State of Washington.  The intent of the video is to help communities explore recovery and discuss ways to support others in their journey.

    Watch the video in English or Spanish

    Read the Walking in Recovery User’s Guide

  4. Do Ask, Do Tell
    This 16 minute video was designed to help providers learn how to gather information about sexual orientation in a respectful and accurate way. It is intended for providers whose clients use publicly-funded mental health services in Washington state.

    Watch the video: Do Ask, Do Tell

Substance Abuse Topics

1. Start the Talk: Practice talking to your kids about the dangers of alcohol (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).

2.  Underage Drinking in Washington: Something to Talk About Find out how much influence you have on keeping your pre-teens and teens safe, healthy and alcohol-free.  This eight-minute video explores the impact alcohol can have on the developing teen brain, such as problems with memory, learning and judgment, and a higher risk of developing alcoholism. Washington teens, parents and prevention experts give tips on how best to talk with youth. Produced by DSHS and the Washington State Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking.  View the Video Discussion Guide.  For more information about underage drinking in Washington, visit www.StartTalkingNow.org, or contact Deb.Schnellman@dshs.wa.gov

3. Marijuana's Effects on the Brain, Body and Behavior (National Institute on Drug Abuse)