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Division of Child Support

What if I have a child support order and have been recently activated?

The Administration for Children and Families provides some guidance on protecting your children and yourself.

What should I do before I leave?

The information in your child support case is confidential. Staff at the Division of Child Support (DCS) will not discuss your case with anyone without your specific written authorization. To authorize DCS to discuss your case with someone else, complete an Authorization to Release Information, DSHS 17-063. You will need to print the form, sign it and return it to the mailing address listed below.

If there are any changes to medical coverage for the children, notify DCS and the custodial parent.

If your child will be changing residences, please notify DCS.

What if I need to contact DCS about my case?

Send all mail only to the following address:

Division of Child Support
P.O. box 11520
Tacoma, WA 98411-5520

Use the DCS Web Form to contact the DCS Community Relations Unit.

You can call your Support Enforcement Officer by going to the DCS Contact Web page and following the DCS Field Office look up instructions.