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Important Information About Division of Child Support (DCS) Child Support Receivable Policy - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a child support receivable?

A child support receivable is a payment adjustment made to your child support case by the Division of Child Support (DCS). DCS must collect the amount of a receivable in order to recover money owed to the state when all or part of a payment has been removed from your child support case.

Why does DCS have to adjust payments?

DCS must adjust payments for many reasons. For example, a payment adjustment must be made if a check received for your child support was not honored by the bank.

Because DCS uses state funds to send your child support payment to you, the amount of the receivable must be recovered to reimburse the State of Washington.

Is DCS changing how it recovers receivables from custodial parents?

DCS has been working for several months to implement changes to how we recover receivables. While DCS was close to putting some changes into effect on April 1, 2014, those changes are now on hold while the proposed policy is reviewed. While DCS reviews the proposed policy, it will continue to recover receivables in the same way as it has before.

Will DCS take money out of my pay check?

No, in most cases, DCS will pursue collection from the noncustodial parent to get the money back. However, there may be situations in which DCS must take additional action to recover a payment sent to you. If so, DCS will send you a notice about the amounts and the methods DCS can use to recover the amount of the receivable.