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Community Guide

A Community Guide is a support person whose role is to help your family become more connected to resources in your community. Working with your family on a short-term basis, the Guide will focus on specific concerns that you have identified on your Family Support Opportunity plan. Guides are knowledgeable about developmental disabilities, community resources, family concerns and problem solving.

How can a community guide assist my family?

Depending on your family's needs, the role of the Community Guide can vary. Some of the ways a Community Guide can assist your family are:

Sometimes a Community Guide will directly access services for you. In other instances, the Guide will give you information that will support you in accessing resources on your own.

How do I get connected to a community guide?

Your family support case manager will help connect to a community guide. As part of the Family Support Opportunity, you may be offered the following services: Medicaid Personal Care/CAP, Short-term Intervention Funding, and a Community Guide. If you choose the services of a Community Guide, your case manager will link you with a guide in your area who is personally suited for your family.

You have the option of requesting a different guide if you feel the connection is not suitable. No explanation is needed. Call your case manager to request a change.

How much time will a community guide work with me?

Your Community Guide is assigned to work with you for approximately eight (8) hours annually. Generally the Guide will provide this service within a one to three month period. At the beginning of your renewal year, you can request Guide services again.

What can I expect working with a guide?

Initially, the Guide will meet with you in person and help you prioritize the area in which he/she will assist you. The guide may link you directly to resources or may provide you with detailed information. At the conclusion of your time together, the guide will meet with you in your home for a final review of your plan.