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The Developmental Disabilities Administration participates in several special projects to help us provide quality services in accordance with our mission and core values. Information about these different projects will be posted on this web page. Please check back again for project updates.

Assessment Project
The goal of the DDD Assessment Project is to develop an assessment tool which can be used consistently across the state to identify client needs for DDD programs and services.

Disabled Adult Child Benefits Project [ 369 KB Microsoft Word logo]
A joint project of DDD and the Medical Assistance Administration has been initiated to identify DDD clients who should be receiving Social Security benefits and Medicare as a "Disabled Adult Child" on the Social Security account of a parent who is deceased, retired, or disabled. This project will have the combined effect of increasing client income, gaining access to retroactive benefits that may be due, improving client access to medical care through Medicare, and reducing disincentives to work that occur in the Supplemental Security Income program.

Medicaid Infrastructure Grant (MIG) Project (updated 06/2006) [ 176KB Microsoft Word logo]
The DDD MIG Project centers on the development of a statewide county infrastructure to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to access Social Security Administration Work Incentives and increase competitive employment opportunities. Contact list of developmental disabilities benefits specialists.

National Core Indicators [ 369 KB Microsoft Word logo]
DDD participates in a national study that assesses performance and outcome indicators for state developmental disabilities systems. National Core Indicators - Washington State Overview (PowerPoint presentation 639 KB)