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Family Support Opportunity Success Stories

Pencil illustration by Martha Perske of a father and mother hugging their disabled child.

Family Support Opportunity has helped families in many unique ways. The following short stories are just a few examples of how families have benefited.

Specialized Car Seat

A family had a need for a very specialized car seat that cost close to one thousand dollars. Without this seat, it was dangerous to transport their child. Thanks to their helpful Community Guide, the family was able to obtain the car seat from an organization absolutely free!

Recreation Classes

A mother wanted her son to have the opportunity to participate in a martial arts class and swimming class. With the help of their Community Guide, the family was able to access a scholarship from the YMCA for the entire family. The child is now an active participant in these activities.

Help With Toilet Training

Three families needed help in toilet-training their children. With the help of their Community Guide, they met and shared the expense for the classes. Not only did this save them money out of their family support dollars, it made the experience more fun and gave them an opportunity to network with each other.