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Services and Contract

Vocational Evaluation Services

Vocational Evaluation Services are one or more types of standardized vocational tests used to obtain objective information from the DVR customer in response to specific questions presented by a DVR Counselor about a customer’s work-related strengths and limitations.

Trial Work Experience

Contractors find and secure position(s) in realistic work settings prior to eligibility to determine if an individual is eligible for VR services OR if there is clear and convincing evidence the individual cannot benefit in terms of an employment outcome.

Community Based Assessment Services

Contractors are responsible for finding and securing positions in realistic work settings to help assess work interests, abilities and identify any employment barriers a customer may face. This process will assist in identifying the nature and extent of support(s) and accommodation(s) needed for the customer to obtain and maintain competitive employment.

Job Placement

Contractors must locate, secure and place a customer into a paid integrated job as mutually agreed by the DVR Counselor, customer and CRP. Job Placement is accomplished when a customer completes their first day of paid employment as defined by the employer.

Intensive Training Services

One-on-one job skills training and support provided at the supported employment job site to enable a DVR customer to: 1) attain job stabilization in on-the-job performance, with job supports; 2) meet their employers expected levels of work productivity; and 3) transition to long-term Extended Services as provided by an entity other than DVR.

Job Retention Services

Individualized on-the-job-site training and support services that enable a DVR customer to learn the essential functions of a job; meet the employer’s expected level of job performance; and retain their employment for ninety (90) calendar days past the point of Job Placement.