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Executive Office

Office of Fraud & Accountability

Development of the Office of Fraud & Accountability

The Office of Fraud & Accountability shall report to the legislature on the development of the office, identification of any barriers to meeting the goals of the office and recommendations for improvements to the system and laws related to the prevention, detection and prosecution of fraud and abuse in public assistance programs.

Authorization:     ESSB 5921, Chapter 42, Laws of 2011, Section 22(4)
Type of Report:  One-time
Report Date:       December 1, 2011 (PDF)

Adverse Childhood Experience - Planning Group Progress Report

E2SHB 1965 requires the Secretary of the Department and the Director of the Department of Early Learning to convene a planning group to work with interested private partners to:

(1) Develop a process by which the goals identified in sectino 1 of this act shall be met:

     a) Identify and promote the use of innovative strategies based on evidence-based and research-based approaches and practices; and,

     b) Align public and private policies and funding with approaches and strategies which have demonstrated effectiveness.

(2)  Develop recommendations for inclusive and diverse governance to advance the adverse childhood experience initiative.

The planning group shall submit a report on its progress and recommedations to the appropriate legislative committees no later than December 15, 2011.

Authorization:     E2SHB 1965, RCW 70.305, Laws of 2011 Section 3
Type of Report:  One-time
Report Date:       December 2011 (PDF)

Evidence-based and  Research-based Practices Baseline Report

In accordance with E2SHB 2536, the Department and the Health Care Authority (HCA) must complete a baseline assessment of utilization of evidence-based and research-based practices in teh areas of child welfare, juvenile rehabilitation and children's mental heatlh services by June 30, 2013.

Authorization:      E2SHB 2536
Type of Report:   One-time
Report Date:       June 2013

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