WAC 388-400-0030

Effective October 1, 2004

WAC 388-400-0030 Who is eligible for refugee cash assistance?

  1. To be eligible for refugee cash assistance (RCA), you must:

    1. Provide the name of the voluntary agency (VOLAG) which resettled you;

    2. Meet the immigration status requirements of WAC 388-466-0005;

    3. Meet employment and training requirements of WAC 388-466-0150;

    4. Meet income and resource requirements of WAC 388-466-0140; and

    5. Report changes of circumstances as required under WAC 388-418-0005.

  2. You are not eligible to receive RCA if you:

    1. Are eligible for temporary assistance for needy families (TANF) or Supplemental Security Income;

    2. Have been denied TANF or have been terminated from TANF due to intentional noncompliance with TANF eligibility requirements; or

    3. Are a full-time student in an institution of higher education.

  3. We determine your eligibility and benefit level for RCA using the TANF payment standards under WAC 388-478-0020.

  4. If you are eligible for RCA you may also be eligible for additional requirements for emergent needs under WAC 388-436-0002.

  5. If you meet the requirements of this section you are eligible for refugee cash assistance only during the eight-month period beginning in the first month you entered the United States (WAC 388-466-0120).

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