WAC 388-406-0030

Effective February 6, 2011

WAC 388-406-0030 Do I need to submit other information after I apply for benefits?

1.    When we get your application for benefits, we decide if other information is needed to determine your eligibility for benefits. If so, we give you: 

a.    A written request for what is needed and for proof if required under WAC388-490-0005; and

b.    At least ten calendar days to give us the information.

2.    If you ask orally or in writing for additional time to give us requested information, then we give you at least ten additional calendar days.

3.    If your application is delayed beyond time limits under WAC 388-406-0040, and we can’t determine your eligibility, we deny your application for benefits.

4.    If you give us some of the information we requested in subsection(1) above, but we can’t determine if you are eligible, we allow you more time to turn in the rest of the information unless you are refusing to cooperate. We give you:

a.    A written request for what is needed to determine eligibility; and

b.    At least ten more calendar days to give us the information.

5.    If we deny your application and you meet the conditions described under WAC 388-406-0065, we will reconsider your eligibility for benefits without requiring a new application.

6.    If you are eligible for necessary supplemental accommodation (NSA) services under chapter 388-472 WAC, we help you comply with the requirements of this section.

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