WAC 388-418-0005

Effective January 1, 2014

WAC 388-418-0005 How will I know what changes to report?

1.  You must report changes to the department based on the kinds of assistance you receive. We inform you of your reporting requirements on letters we send you about your benefits.  Follow the steps below to determine the types of changes you must report :

(a.) If you receive cash benefits, you need to tell us if: 

(i.)  You move; 

(ii.) Someone moves out of your home;

(iii.) Your total gross monthly income goes over the:

(A) Payment standard under WAC 388-478-0033  if you receive ABD cash; or

(B) Earned income limit under WAC 388-478-0035 and WAC 388-450-0165 for all other programs;

(iv) You have liquid resources more than four thousand dollars; or

(v) You have a change in employment. Tell us if you:

  1. Get a job or change employers;
  2. Change from part-time to full-time or full-time to part-time;
  3. Have a change in your hourly wage rate or salary; or 
  4. Stop working.


b.  If you are a relative or non relative caregiver and receive cash benefits on behalf of a child in your care but not for yourself or other adults in your household, you need to tell us if:

(i) You move;

(ii) The child you are caring for moves out of the home;

(iii) Anyone related to you or to the child you are caring for moves into or out of the home;

(iv) There is a change in the earned or unearned income of anyone in your child-only means-testing assistance unit, as defined in WAC 388-450-0162 (3)(b). You do not need to report changes in earned income for your dependent children who are in school full-time (see WAC 388-450-0070 ).

(v) There is change in the recipient  child's earned income or unearned income (see WAC 388-450-0070  for how we count the earned income of a child);

(vi) The recipient child has liquid resources more than four thousand dollars;

(vii) A recipient child in the home becomes a foster child or is no longer a foster child; or

(viii) You legally adopt the recipient child.

(2) If you do not receive cash assistance, but you do receive Basic Food benefits, you must report changes for the people in your assistance unit under chapter 388-408 WAC. You need to tell us if:

(a) Your household is a categorically eligible household as defined under WAC 388-414-0001, tell us if your total gross monthly income is more than two hundred percent of the federal poverty level; or

(b) For all other households tell us if your total monthly income is more than the maximum gross income as described in WAC 388-478-0060; or

(c) Anyone who receives food benefits in your assistance unit and who must meet work requirements under WAC 388-444-0030 has their hours at work go below twenty hours per week.

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