WAC 388-450-0185

Effective October 1, 2014

WAC 388-450-0185 What income deductions does the department allow when determining if I am eligible for food benefits and the amount of my monthly benefits?

We determine if your assistance unit (AU) is eligible for Basic Food and calculate your monthly benefits according to requirements of the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 and federal regulations related to the supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP).

These federal laws allow us to subtract only the following amounts from your AU's total monthly income to determine your countable monthly income under WAC 388-450-0162:

  1. A standard deduction based on the number of eligible people in your AU under WAC 388-408-0035: 

Eligible AU members

Standard deduction











6 or more


  1. Twenty percent of your AU's gross earned income (earned income deduction);
  2. Your AU's expected monthly dependent care expense needed for an AU member to:
    1. Keep work, look for work, or accept work;
    2. Attend training or education to prepare for employment; or
    3. Meet employment and training requirements under chapter 388-444 WAC.
  3. Medical expenses over thirty-five dollars a month owed or anticipated by an elderly or disabled person in your AU as allowed under WAC 388-450-0200.
  4. A portion of your shelter costs as described in WAC 388-450-0190.

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