WAC 388-454-0020

Effective September 1, 1998

WAC 388-454-0020 Temporary absence to attend school or training

A child or caretaker is temporarily absent from the home to attend school or training when:

  1. The child's caretaker is attending a department approved vocational training program; or
  2. The child attends school or training away from home, as long as: 

    1. The child returns to the family home during a year's period, at least for summer vacation; and

    2. The absence is necessary because:

      1. Isolation of the child's home makes it necessary for the child to be away to attend school;

      2. The child is enrolled in an Indian boarding school administered through the Bureau of Indian Affairs; or

      3. Specialized education or training is not available in the child's home community and is recommended by local school authorities.

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