WAC 388-476-0005

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 388-476-0005 Social security number requirements.

1.    With certain exceptions, each person who applies for or receives cash or food assistance benefits must provide to the department a Social Security number (SSN), or numbers if more than one has been issued.

2.    If the person is unable to provide the SSN, either because it is not known or has not been issued, the person must:

a.    Apply for the SSN;

b.    Provide proof that the SSN has been applied for; and 

c.    Provide the SSN when it is received.

3.    Assistance will not be delayed, denied or terminated pending the issuance of an SSN by the Social Security Administration. However, a person who does not comply with these requirements is not eligible for assistance.

4.    For cash and food assistance benefits, a person cannot be disqualified from receiving benefits for refusing to apply for or supply an SSN based on religious grounds.

5.    For food assistance programs:

a.    A person can receive benefits for the month of application and the following month if the person attempted to apply for the SSN and made every effort to provide the needed information to the Social Security Administration.

b.    If a person is unable to provide proof of application for a SSN for a newborn:

                              i.        The newborn can receive Basic Food with the household while effort is being made to get the SSN.

                            ii.        For the newborn to continue receiving Basic Food benefits; the household must provide proof of application for SSN or the SSN for the newborn, at the next certification, or within six months following the month the baby is born, whichever is later.

6.    There is no SSN requirement for the following programs:

a.    The consolidated emergency assistance program; and

b.    The refugee cash assistance program.

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