WAC 388-478-0055

Effective July 1, 2008

WAC 388-478-0055 How much do I get from my state supplemental payments (SSP)?

  1. The SSP is a payment from the state for certain SSI eligible people (see WAC 388-474-0012)

    If you converted to the federal SSI program from state assistance in January 1974 because you were aged, blind, or disabled, and have remained continuously eligible for SSI since January 1974, the department calls you a grandfathered client.  Social Security calls you a mandatory income level (MIL) client.

    A change in living situation, cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) or federal payment level (FPL) can affect a grandfathered (MIL) client.  A grandfathered (MIL) client gets a federal SSI payment and a SSP payment, which totals the higher of one of the following:

    1. The state assistance standard set in December 1973, unless you lived in a medical institution at the time of conversion, plus the federal cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) since then; or

    2. The current payment standard.

  2. The monthly SSP rates for eligible persons under WAC 388-474-0012 and individuals residing in an institution are:

SSP Eligible Persons Monthly SSP Rate
Individual (aged 65 and older) $40.00
Individual (blind as determined by SSA) $40.00
Individual with an ineligible spouse $40.00
Grandfathered (MIL)

Varies by individual based on federal requirements.
  Payments range between $0.54 and $199.77

medical institution Monthly SSP Rate
Individual $27.28

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