WAC 388-489-0010

Effective December 18, 2010

WAC 388-489-0010 How is my Transitional Food Assistance Benefit Calculated?

  1. We base your Transitional Food Assistance benefit amount on the regular monthly benefit allotment issued to your Basic Food assistance unit for the last month your household received Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. We will not count your last Temporary Assistance for Needy Families grant payment when we calculate your Transitional Food Assistance benefit amount. For example:
    1. If your Basic Food assistance unit’s only income was Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, the Transitional Food Assistance benefit will be the amount your household would have received if you had no income. 
    2. If your Basic Food benefit was calculated using Temporary Assistance for Needy Families plus income from another source, we will count only the income from the other source when calculating the Transitional Food Assistance amount.
  2. We will adjust your Transitional Food Assistance benefits if:

    1. Someone who gets Transitional Food Assistance with you leaves your assistance unit and is found eligible to receive Basic Food in another assistance unit. We will adjust your benefits by:

      1. Reducing your assistance unit size by the number of persons who left your assistance unit; and

      2. Removing the income and expenses clearly belonging to the persons who left your assistance unit.

    2. A change to the maximum allotment for Basic Food under WAC 388-478-0060 results in an increase in benefits for Basic Food assistance units.

    3. You got an overpayment of Basic Food benefits and we need to adjust the amount we deduct from your monthly benefits to repay the overpayment as required in WAC 388-410-0033. This includes

      1. Starting a new monthly deduction;

      2. Changing the amount of the monthly deduction; and

      3. Ending the monthly deduction when the amount you owe has been paid off.

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