WAC 388-492-0030

Effective December 18, 2010

WAC 388-492-0030 Who can get WASHCAP?

 1.    You can get WASHCAP food benefits if:

a.    You are eligible to receive federal SSI benefits; and 

b.    You are eighteen years of age or older; and

c.    You live alone, or SSA considers you as a single household; or

d.    You are age eighteen through twenty-one, living with your parent(s) who do not get Basic Food benefits, and you purchase food separately; or

e.    You live with others but buy and cook your food separately from them; and

f.     You do not have earned income when you apply for SSI; or

g.    You already get WASHCAP food benefits, become employed and receive earned income for less than three consecutive months and are still eligible to receive federal SSI cash benefits; or

h.    You already get WASHCAP and move to an institution for ninety days or less.

2.    You are not eligible for WASHCAP food benefits if:

a.    You live in an institution;

b.    You are under age eighteen;

c.    You live with your spouse;

d.    You are under age twenty-two and you live with your parent(s) who are getting Basic Food benefits;

e.    You begin working after you have been approved for WASHCAP and have earned income for more than three consecutive months;

f.     You live with others and do not buy and cook your food separately from them; or

g.    You are ineligible for Basic Food benefits under WAC 388-400-0040 section 14(b) and (e).

3.    We use SSA information to determine your WASHCAP eligibility. 

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