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Revised July 16, 2014

ADATSA Medical

Alien Medical

Breast and/or Cervical Cancer Treatment Program – BCCTP (S30)

Children's Medical

Childrens Health program (F08)

Citizenship and Identity Verification for Medicaid

Continuous Eligibility for Categorically Needy Children's Medical

Family Long Term Care (K01, K95, K99) (In Long Term Care, Alternate Care, Managed Care & Waiver Services)

Family Medical

Foster Care/Adoption Support/Juvenile Rehabilitation Categorically Needy Medical/Post-Foster Care Coverage (D01/D02/D26)

Disability Lifeline Medical (G01, G02)

Healthcare for Workers with Disabilities – HWD (S08)


Medical Care Services - MCS (A01,A05)

Medical Care Services Medical - MCS Incapacity (G01)

Medical Extensions

Newborn Categorically Needy Medical (F05)

Medical Extension Report

Pregnancy Medical

Premiums For Optional MEDICAID and F07 Children

Psychiatric Indigent Inpatient Program (PII)


Refugee Medical

Retroactive Medical

Short Stay

Sneede vs. Kizer Medical

Spenddown - Processing

SSI Medical (S01)

SSI Related Medical

SSI Related Non-Institutional Alternate Living Facility (G03, G95, G99)

Take Charge Family Planning Medical (P06)

Modification Date: July 16, 2014