Alert 237



Effective January 17, 2011: This Alert is No Longer Valid or Generated by ACES

This alert is generated at monthly issuance for any TANF case in month 59 and / or month 60 to advise the user that the case must be reviewed for a time limit extension.

If there is a valid extension on the TWEP screen Alert 237 will not be generated.

When alert 237 is generated in the 59th month and there is no extension entered on the TWEP a second alert 237 will not be sent in the 60th month.

This alert will be sent in batch if the worker removes the extension period that includes the ongoing month from the TWEP screen and does not replace it with another period that includes the ongoing month.

Alert 237 will generate in over night batch when a reopen, add-a-person or reinstatement occurs and someone in the household has received assistance 59 or more months and there is no update on the TWEP screen.

This alert will be sent to the worker 60 days prior to the expiration of an exemption period.

NOTE: The TWEP screen can only be updated when a client has a counter greater than 58. After month 58 the extension periods can be recorded any time but cannot overlap.




  1. Review the TICS for each any adult or emancipated minor in the assistance unit to determine how many months of TANF have been paid.

  2. Determine if the assistance unit is entitled to a hardship extension.

  3. If entitled to an extension go to the TWEP and update based on the household's circumstances.

  4. If not entitled to the extension take no further action on the case. The case will be terminated at monthly issuance.

  5. If for some reason the Begin Date is wrong or if the entire extension period is invalid enter [Y] in the D field to delete then reenter the correct information.

The end date of an extension can be changed without getting an edit, as long as the change does not exceed 12 months from the begin date. If the begin date must be changed then the extension range must be deleted and a new one entered.