Alert 257



Effective May 12, 2014: This Alert is No Longer Valid or Generated by ACES



This is a two-tier alert that generates when an active or pending, non-disqualified client is on the Disqualified Recipient System (DRS) file.




1.    Enter a [Y] in the S field and press <F13> to view the second tier.


2.    User needs to investigate the potential disqualification and take the appropriate action.


o    If there is no date posted, then the disqualification has not been served and the user should contact the office listed to verify that it should be imposed.


3.    From the DRS screen review the effective date to determine if the sanction has been served.


o    If the length of the disqualification shows number 99, then the client is permanently disqualified.


4.    Enter the information from the DRS system for an active or pending DSHS client on the SANC screen. Follow the steps in How do I enter information into the DRS system for an active or pending DSHS client.


·         If the sanction has been served, document this information in the remarks behind the SANC screen.




Enter [Y] in the D field and <TRANSMIT>.