Alert 263



Effective January 21, 2003: Combined under Alert 271

This alert is generated when a client's name and SSN do not match those recorded by Social Security.

Clients who have not successfully accreted will not have their (UNER) automatically updated when BENDEX matches are done.

This is a SDX and BENDEX alert.




1.      The second line of this alert will tell you the reason for the unsuccessful accretion.

2.      Enter a [Y] in the Sel field and press <F13> to go to the second tier of the alert.

3.      Review the(BENT) information, and locate the discrepancy.

4.      Print the(BENT), and press <F3> to go back to the alerts screen.

5.      Locate the alert.

6.      Enter Option [R] – Interim / Hist Change - and press <F15>.

7.      Call the (DEM1). Check the name and SSN, correct if necessary.

8.      Call the(UNER) and check for unearned income. If there is unearned income, ensure that the claim number is the same as the one the client is receiving benefits under.

9.      Call (DONE) and press <F22> to update the narrative.

10.  <TRANSMIT> until you return to the alerts screen.