Alert 264



Effective January 21, 2003: Combined under Alert 271

This alert is generated when the BENDEX interface file indicates that a client's Title II or SSA income has been terminated or suspended as the client is no longer disabled.

This is a SDX and BENDEX alert.




1.      Determine the AUs affected by the termination of SSA or Title II income. The types of AUs active will determine what steps should be taken.

2.      From the alert screen, access the AU by entering Option [B] - AU / Client Inquiry - and pressing <F15>.

3.      Call (STAT) and review the AUs.
To consider other types of assistance, send out a review form and an information request for other income (e.g., to consider at redetermination).

4.      Call (MISC).

5.      Write down the AUID.

6.      Press <F15> to access the (DMEN).

7.      Generate Letter 023-02, General Request for Information or Action.

8.      <TRANSMIT> to return to the (MISC).

9.      Call (DONE).

10.  Press <F14> and create a user-generated alert as a tickler.

11.  <TRANSMIT> to return to the (DONE)  and press <F22> to update the narrative.

12.  <TRANSMIT> twice to return to the alerts screen.

13.  If there is also a Basic Food AU, access the case by entering Option [R] – Interim / Hist Change - and pressing <F15> from the alerts screen.