Alert 406



A two-tiered alert generated when the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) has determined there is a discrepancy between the address on ACES and the one in CASS

The user must look at the second tier and determine if the "Correction Suggestion" should be used, and, if yes, enter [Y] in the UPDATE field and process. The address will be changed by ACES on this AU and all related AU's to that provided in the "Correction Suggestion". If the suggestion should not be used, enter an [N] in the UPDATE field and process. The alert is system dispositioned once action has been taken on all addresses displayed on the second tier.


System dispositions alert once second tier is updated.


1.      Access the second tier to this alert by placing a[Y] in the select field and pressing <F13>.

2.      Look at the address discrepancies between the ACES system and the CASS (postal service) interface.

3.      Determine if the "Correction Suggestion" should be used.

4.      Enter [the appropriate entry] in the UPDATE field and transmit.

o        N - NO

If the "Correction Suggestion" should not be used enter a [N] in the UPDATE field and press <TRANSMIT>.

o        Y - YES

If the "Correction Suggestion" should be used, enter a [Y] in the UPDATE field and press <TRANSMIT>. The system will automatically update the ADDR.

o        O - OLD

The UPDATE field will have a hard blue O entered in the UPDATE field, pressing <TRANSMIT> will disposition the alert. When an O appears in the UPDATE field, it means that no update is required. 

This appears in the following situations:

§         The address has been changed or updated.

§         The "On ACES" address is not what currently is on the ADDR.

§         The address was changed or updated on another associated AU number.

5.      The system dispositions the alert once the information is updated. No further action is necessary by the user.