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Updated: June 6, 2014

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A ADDRChange Household Address X 
 ADDRESS SEARCHAddress Search  X
 ADDRESS SEARCH RESULTSAddress Search Results  X
 ADIQAddress Inquiry   
 ADSTAddress Standardization XX 
 AGEEAging and Expunged Accounts   
 ALASAliens, Students, and PII X 
 ALAUCurrent Assistance Unit Detail ListX  
 ALCAAlerts For Household Composition X 
 ALDDDue Date Detail List   
 ALPRPriority Detail List   
 ALSGSummary Group Parameters   
 ALSSSupervisor Alert Summary List   
 ALTRAlerts Transfer   
 ALUGCreate User Generated Alert   
 ALUSUser Alert Summary List   
 AMENAssistance Unit/Client Submenu   
 AMSCAdd Member (Search Criteria)    
 APADAbsent Parent Address (not currently used)X  
 APCOAbsent Parent Court Order (not currently used)X  
 APDEAbsent Parent Demographic (not currently used)X  
 APEMAbsent Parent Employment (not currently used)X  
 APFIAbsent Parent Financial (not currently used)   
 APP1Process Application Months   
 APP2Finalize Application   
 APP2_MAFinalize Application-MedicalX  
 APPAAcknowledgement / Adjudication of PaternityX  
 APPLICANTApplicant - Screening  X
 ARENAdditional Requirements Emergent NeedX  
 AREPAuthorized Representative/ Protective Payee X  
 AREP Edit Edit AREP   
 AREP OnlineAuthorized Representative/Protective PayeeX X
 AREP Online GHAdd AREP (Matches) X X
 AREQAdditional Requirements X 
 ASGNReassignment Request   
 ASUSAssistance Unit Summary    
 AU Issuance Assistance Unit IssuanceX X
 AU Issuance DetailsAssistance Unit Issuance DetailsX X
 AULIAssistance Unit List for Case Unit   
 AUMedEligibilityAssistance Unit >> Medical EligibilityX X
 AURPAuthorized Representative / Payee (Screening)   
 AU_Medical_ID_CardsAssistance Unit Medical ID CardsX X
 AU_Medical_InformationAssistance Unit Medical Information (Invalid after 7/15/2012)X X
 AU_SPENDDOWNAssistance Unit Spenddown X X
 AU_Spenddown AssignAuthorizeAssistance Unit Spenddown Assign/AuthorizeX X
 AU_Spenddown AssignAuthorize ConfirmAssistance Unit Spenddown Assign/Authorize ConfirmX X
 AU_Spenddown AssignAuthorize ReviewAssistance Unit Spenddown Assign/Authorize ReviewX X
 Add Member CMAdd Member (Client Matches)   X
 Add memberAdd member  X
 Assistance Unit DemographicsAssistance Unit >> Demographics - OnlineX X
B BEGSBenefit Error Group Status   
 BEGVBenefit Error Group Vendor Payment   
 BEMGBenefit Error Month / Group   
 BEN1 Bendex Title II Inquiry   
 BEN2Bendex title II Inquiry - Screen 2   
 BENABenefit History Master   
 BENBBenefit History Detail   
 BENIBendex Title II Inquiry   
 BENLBenefit History Listing   
 BENMBenefit History MA ID Issuance   
 BENSBenefit History Status   
 BENTBendex Title II Inquiry (Replaced by BEN1 screen: 2/26/07)   
 BENT2Bendex Title II Inquiry - BENT (Invalid after 2/25/07)   
 BENT3Bendex Title II Inquiry - BENT (Invalid after 2/25/07)   
 BENT4Bendex Title II Inquiry - BENT (Invalid after 2/25/07)   
 BMENAlerts Submenu   
 BONDBona Fide Needs   
 BPAMBase Premium AccountsX  
C CAFICash / MA Financial EligibilityX  
 CAREDependent Care Expenses (thru benefit month 12/99) X 
 CASEUser Caseload Characteristics   
 CHIPCHIP EnrollmentX  
 CHISClient Participation History X 
 CIRCHousehold CircumstancesX  
 CITYCity Names List (Invalid as of 10/19/2009)   
 CLIENT CONFINEMENT AND RELEASEClient Confinement and Release   
 CLLIClient List for Case Unit X 
 CMC1CA-MA Constants 1   
 CMC2CA-MA Constants 2   
 CMC3CA-MA Constants 3   
 CMENScheduling Submenu   
 CMT3CA-MA Table 3   
 CMT4CA-MA Table 4    
 CONFINEMENT AND RELEASE - UPDATEConfinement and Release - Update X 
 CONFINEMENT AND RELEASE ADDConfinement and Release - Add X 
 CPARCycle Parameters   
 CSOFCommunity Service Office   
 CSRACommunity Spouse Resource Assessment X 
 CTCNChildrens Tracking CN Medicaid X 
 Case ActionsCase ActionsXXX
 Client DemographicsClient>>Demographics XX
 Client Demographics (3G)Case Actions - Client Demographics Page XX
 ClientEqualAccessClient Equal Access  X
 ClientLTCExpensesClient >> LTC Expenses/Deductions XX
 ClientSummaryClientSummary - Online  X
 ClientWorkRegistrationClient Work Registration XX
 Client_Medical_InformationClient Medical Information XX
 Client_SpenddownClient Spenddown Medical Expenses XX
 CommitStatusCommit Status - Online  X
 ConfinementsConfinement Facilities Parameter Page  X
 Contact Information PageCase Actions - Contact Information PageXXX
 Create_LetterCreate Letter  X
D DCARDependent Care Expenses (benefit month 1/00 thru 07/00) X 
 DEEMAllocation / Deeming X 
 DEM1Client Demographic 1 X 
 DEM2Client Demographic 2 X 
 DEM3Client Demographic 3 X 
 DEM4Client Demographic 4 X 
 DEM5Client Demographic 5 (Invalid after 9/1/2005) X 
 DMENLetters Submenu   
 DODMDepartment of Defense Match   
 DONESession Summary   
 DPEXDependent Care Expenses (benefit month 08/00 and ongoing) X 
 DRS Add/UpdateDRS Add/Update  X
 DRS InquiryDRS Inquiry  X
 DRS SearchDRS Search  X
 DRSIDRS Inquiry   
 DisasterDisaster   X
 Disaster DetailsDisaster Details  X
E EARNEarned Income (benefit month 01/00 thru ongoing) X 
 EBT Claims Activity EBT Claims Activity X 
 EBT Claims Activity SearchEBT Claims Activity Search X 
 EBT claims activity detailEBT Claims Activity Detail X 
 EDOCEnhanced Documentation X 
 EFTMElectronic Funds Transfer Submenu   
 EFTRElectronic Funds Transfer Registration   
 EIBLEmergency Benefit Issuance Listing   
 ELIGNon – Financial Eligibility ResultsX  
 ELOGError Log   
 EMENSecurity Submenu   
 EQU2Equal Access Plan - EQU2 X 
 EQU3Equal Access Plan - EQU3 X 
 EQU4Equal Access Plan - EQU4 X 
 ERN1Earned Income 1 (through benefit month 12/99) X 
 ERN2Earned Income 2 (through benefit month 12/99) X 
 ERROConsolidated Errors   
 ERRRError Message   
 Earned Income DetailsCase Actions - Earned Income Details Page XX
 Edit MemberEdit Member  X
 EditAREP Edit AREP - Online  X
 EditMemberEdit Member - Online  X
 EligibilityCase Actions - Eligibility PageX X
 Eligibility DetailsCase Actions - Eligibility Details PageX X
 EqualAccessEqual Access  X
F FAMNEligibility Parameters Submenu   
 FBMNLocation Parameters Submenu   
 FCMNOther Parameters Submenu 1   
 FDMNOther Parameters Submenu 2   
 FEDIFederal Discrepancy X 
 FEMNMessages and Codes Submenu   
 FIRREBT Card Replacement/Re-issue   
 FMENParameters Selection Submenu   
 FRMEFinalize Retroactive Medicaid   
 FSCOFS Constants   
 FSFIFood Stamp Financial EligibilityX  
 FSMEFood Stamp Medical Expenses (Thru benefit month 6/04) X 
 FSTAFood Stamp Tables   
 FederalFileDetailsFederal File Details - Online  X
 FederalFileList Federal File List - Online  X
 FinalizeFinalize - Online   
G GHOMGroup Home Maintenance   
 GNLSGroup Home Name List   
 GrouphomeGroup Home >> Letter Summary  X
H HELDHeld Scratch Pad Area   
 HMENFinancial Management Issuance Submenu   
 HOLIState Holiday Dates   
I IARAIARA Data Entry (Invalid after 01/17/06)   
 IDCOClient ID Correction   
 IINIID Initialization   
 IMENFinancial Management Miscellaneous Submenu   
 INCHInformed ChoiceX  
 INSTInstitution X 
 ISAIIssuance Approval Inquiry   
 ISAPIssuance Approval   
 ISMCInterstate Match   
 ISREIssuance Replace/Reissue - ISRE   
 ISRQIssuance Request   
 ITCAIssuance Type to Chart of Accounts   
 ITYPIssuance Type Maintenance   
 Income Summary PageCase Actions - Income Summary Page XX
 InterstateFileDetailsInterstate_File_Details - Online   
 InterstateFileList Interstate File List    
J JMENBenefit History Submenu   
K KINDKind of Assistance Desired   
 KMENQuality Assurance / Quality Control Submenu   
L LIS1Low Income Subsidy - LIS1 X 
 LIS2Low Income Subsidy - LIS2 X 
 LMENFile Inquiry Submenu   
 LSUMLetter Summary (Historical Only)   
 LTCDLTC / HCB / ALF Community Income / ResourcesX X
 LTCPSplit Cost of CareXX 
 LTCXLTC Expenses/deductions XX   
 LTR_CHGPRINTERChange Printer  X
 LTR_CLIENTSEARCHClient Search Results   
 LTR_EDITLTRLetter Edit Display  X
 LTR_FREEFORMTXTMandatory Freeform Text  X
 LTR_LHLetter History - See ACES for Notices before 11/1/1997 and Letters before 8/10/1998  X
 LTR_LOCAL_PRINTLetter History - see ACES for Notices before 11/1/1997 and Letters before 8/10/1998  X
 LTR_PENDINGLTRSPending Letters  X
 LTR_QKNAVSelect Letter from  X
 LTR_QKNAVAUAREP Screen in Interview  X
 LTR_QKNAVclAREP Screen in Interview  X
 LTR_REPRINTLetter View Display  X
 LTR_SELECTLTRCreate Letter Selected Assistance Unit  X
 LTR_SUMClient Letter Summary  X
 LTR_USERLTRSUMUser Letter Summary  X
 Liquid Resource DetailsCase Actions - Liquid Resource Details Page XX
 LocationLocation Parameter Page  X
M MAFIMA Financial EligibilityX  
 MALPMAID Local Print Controller   
 MANCManaged Care X 
 MECSME Case Sample Schedule (Invalid after 10/18/09)   
 MEDICAL_SPAU_CONFIRMSpenddown Authorization - SPAU   
 MEDXMedical expense Screen X 
 MEMBHousehold Member X 
 MISCAssistance Unit Non-Financial MiscellaneousX  
 MMENVendor File Submenu   
 MPARMiscellaneous Parameters   
 MR_BROWSESARR Browse Screen in Management Reporting   
 MR_SARR_SYSSAR System Screen in Management Reporting   
 MR_VIEW_BUNDLESView # Bundles Screen in Management Reporting   
N NAMEApplicant Name and Address X 
 NARRNarrative X 
 NCONNotice Content   
 NCPLNon-Custodial Parent List - NCPL   
 NCPSNon-Custodial Parent ScreenX  
 NHMNNotice / Letter History Selection Submenu   
 NMCLName Clearance X 
 NMENBenefit Error Submenu   
 NMIQName Inquiry - NMIQ   
 NOTENotice Text   
 NSANSA - Online (Invalid after 04-20-08)  X
 NSA1NSA Screening And Accommodation Plan Screen 1 (Invalid after 04/20/08)   
 NSA2NSA Screening And Accommodation Plan Screen 2 (Invalid after 04/20/08)    
 NSA3NSA Screening And Accommodation Plan Screen 3 (Invalid after 04/20/08)   
 NSA4NSA Screening And Accommodation Plan Screen 4 (Invalid after 04/20/08)   
 NarrativeNarrative - Online  X
 Navigation PaneCase Actions - Navigation Pane  X
O OMENAU / Client Misc Activities Submenu   
 OSA_DetailsACES Access - OSA Details  X
 OSA_ProcessingACES Access - OSA Processing  X
 OSA_SearchACES Access - Online Services Access (OSA) Search  X
 OSA_Search_ResultsACES Access - OSA Search Results  X
P PARTClient Participation History - Part X 
 PENDApplication Pending Initiation   
 PHISParameters Eligibility History Menu   
 PHITParameter History Menu   
 PMENFinancial Mgmt Local Issuance Submenu   
 PREMHousehold Premium Amount    
 PRLSProvider Name List   
 PRNTBatch Print Request (Invalid after 10/15/2006)   
 PROVLTC Provider Inquiry   
 PVLSDependent Care Provider Name List (benefit month 01/00 thru 07/00) X 
 ParametersParameters Page  X
 Pending ApplicationsCase Actions - Pending Applications Page  X
 Print Equal Access PlanPrint Equal Access Plan  X
 PrintRFBPrint RFB - Online  X
 ProgramDetailSpecifyProgram Details Specify - Online  X
 ProgramDetailsProgram Details - Online  X
 ProgramsPrograms - Online  X
Q QCACQC Review Activities   
 QCSAQC Sample Authorization   
 QCSDQC Sample ID Detail    
 QCSLQC Sample ID Selection List   
 QCSSQC Sample Selection Criteria (Invalid after 10/18/09)   
R RANGStreet Range List (Invalid as of 10/19/2009)   
 RES1Resources 1 X 
 RES2Resources 2 X 
 RES3Resources 3 X 
 REVIInitiate Review   
 RMCORetro Medicaid Copy   
 RMENGroup Home Submenu   
 RPARRouting Parameters   
 RSCDReason Code Description   
 RSCTReason Code Statutory Cites   
S SANCClient Sanctions   
 SCDIScreening Disposition   
 SCHDDaily Schedule   
 SCHRSchedule Recurring Appointment   
 SCHSUnit Schedule Summary   
 SDDESpenddown Deductible   
 SDMESpenddown Medical Expenses - SDME   
 SDX1State Data Exchange 1   
 SDX2State Data Exchange 2   
 SDX3State Data Exchange 3   
 SDX4State Data Exchange 4   
 SHELShelter Expenses   
 SINDSecurity ID / User Name Index   
 SOFASOFA Request   
 SOLQState On-Line Query   
 SOPMStandards of Promptness   
 SPARScheduling Parameters   
 SPAUSpenddown Authorization   
 SPBPSpenddown Base Period   
 SPECEligibility for Special Programs   
 SPIDERAssistance Unit >> SpiderX X
 SREVSupervisory Review   
 SSA1Social Security Information X 
 SSA2Social Security Information   
 SSA3Social Security Information   
 SSCCShort Stay Cost of Care X 
 SSI1Supplemental Security Information   
 SSI2Supplemental Security Information   
 SSI3Supplemental Security Information   
 SSNAAdditional SSNs and Names   
 SSNVState On-line Query General Information   
 SSPSSocial Service Payment System - SSPS   
 STASSecured Tasks   
 STATAssistance Status   
 STAYShort Stays XX
 STRTStreet Names List (Invalid as of 10/19/2009)   
 Sanctions Summary PageCase Actions - Sanctions Summary Page XX
 ScheduleAppointmentSchedule Appointment - Online  X
 ScheduleInquirySchedule Inquiry - Online  X
 Shelter Expense DetailsCase Actions - Shelter Expense Details Page XX
 SpecifyProgramSpecify Program - Online  X
T TBCACash/MA Financial Eligibility   
 TBFSFood Stamp Financial Eligibility Trail Budget   
 TBUDTrial Budget   
 TICATime Clock Adjustment  X 
 TICSTime Clock Screen   
 TMENEBT Files Submenu   
 TPL ORGANIZATION RESULTSTPL Organization Search Results  X
 TPL1Third Party Liability 1 X 
 TPLCTPL Carrier Detail   
 TPLLTPL Carrier List X 
 TRANTransfer of Resources X 
 TWEPTwenty Percent HardshipX  
U UALTUnit Alerts   
 UCBDUC Discrepancy (INVALID AFTER 10/17/05)   
 UCBLUC SSN / Name List - UCBL   
 UNEMUnemployed Parent (valid through benefit month 07/99)X  
 UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATIONUnemployment Compensation  X
 UNERUnearned Income  X 
 USER DETAILSUser Details   
 USER SEARCHUser Search  X
 USIDUser ID   
 Unearned Income DetailsCase Actions - Unearned Income Details Page XX
V VAFileDetailsVA File Details - Online   
 VAFileListVA File List - Online   
 VAMCVeteran's Administration Match   
 VEHICLE/VESSEL RESULTSVehicle/Vessel Search Results   
 VEHICLE/VESSEL SEARCHVehicle/Vessel Search  X
 VENDVendor Payment – not used for BEGS   
 VERFOutstanding Verifications   
 VNDRVendor Maintenance   
 VNLSVendor Name List   
 Vehicles/Vessels DetailsCase Actions - Vehicle/Vessel Details Page XX
 VerAREPGHMVerify AREP Matches    
 WAGESWages  X
 WGEIES Wage Inquiry   
 WGELES Wage SSN / Name List - WGEL   
 WHLZHigh Loss Zip Codes   
 WORKWork Registration / Participation X 
 WelcomeBack Welcome Back - Online   
 Work Registration/ParticipationCase Actions - Work Registration/Participation PageXXX
X XINQITIS Inquiry Submenu (Invalid as of 05/19/2013)   
 XMENConversion Submenu   
Y YMENState Online Query Submenu    
Z Zip CodeZip Code   
Modification Date: June 6, 2014