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Add Member (Client Matches)

Add Member (Client Matches)

The Add Member – Client Matches page is used to match members to existing ACES clients (based on the search criteria entered on the Add Member – Search Criteria page) or to indicate that this is a new client and that a new Client ID should be assigned. ACES will compare the client data with existing information in the database and will display a list of possible matches.

  • Exact Match - If an exact match is found, the Exact Match section is displayed with the matched client’s demographic information. If this client is the same as your client, click the Next button to confirm.

  • Client Matches - If you find a client that looks like it may be the same as your client, you can review the ACES case information by clicking the Client ID listed for that client. If you find a match for your client, click to select that client and click the Next button.

  • No Match Found - If no match is found, click to select the Assign new Client ID checkbox and click the Next button.

Add Member screen image