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Revised March 12, 2014


How do I Finalize an application?



How do I Finalize an application?


·         To finalize an application take the following steps:


1.    Go to the Case Actions page. See How do I access Case Actions?.


2.    From the Case Actions page, in the Finalize Applications section click the Finalize link for the pending AU.


3.    For each pending month:


o    On the Eligibility page click the Details   link, this takes you to the Eligibility Details page.


o    On the Eligibility Details page, verify the benefit information then click the Confirm Benefits button for each pending month.   When all months are confirmed, the Eligibility page displays.


o    On the Eligibility page, click the Commit Changes button.


When finalizing Consolidated Emergency Assistance Program (CEAP), the CEAP Benefit Amount is required on the Eligibility page before confirming Details.

4.    A window appears saying Session committed successfully.  Click OK.


5.    To exit the Case Actions page, click the Close button.


Modification Date: March 12, 2014