Mid-Certification Review
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Mid-Certification Review

Revised March 12, 2014

Mid-Certification Review

How do I complete a Mid-Certification review?



How do I complete a Mid-Certification review?


·         To process a Mid-Certification review take the following steps:


1.    Go to the Case Actions page. See How do I access Case Actions?


2.    From the Case Actions page, in the Mid-Certification Reviews section click the Process MCR link to enter the case in MCR mode.


3.    Continue through the MCR process by using the Navigation pane.  For more information on navigating, see How do I navigate in Case Actions?


4.    When all changes are complete, click Review in the Navigation Pane.


5.    On the Review summary page:


o    Enter the date the MCR was received in the MCR Received Date field.

o    Select the appropriate MCR Status reason.


6.    Click Eligibility on the Navigation Pane.


7.    On the Eligibility summary page, a Details   link displays to the right of any AUs that are currently active. Click the Details   link.


o    Review the Eligibility Details for each AU

o    If all looks correct, click Commit Changes


8.    A window appears saying Session committed successfully.  Click OK.


9.    To exit the Case Actions page, click the Close button.


Modification Date: March 12, 2014