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Revised September 16, 2014

Refugee Cash Assistance

What is Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) sanction?


What are the sanction offenses?


How do I process an RCA sanction for an active client?


What is a Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) Sanction?



·         Clients receiving Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) who do not participate in Refugee Cash Employment and Training requirements are ineligible for cash assistance.  See WAC rule (Washington Administrative Code):  388-466-0120, 388-466-0150 - Refugee Cash Assistance requires participation in employment and training programs.


What are the sanction offenses?


·         The first offense is 3 months of sanction.

·         The second offense sanctions the remainder of the 8 month certification.


How do I process an RCA sanction for an active client?


·         To process an RCA sanction, take the following steps:


1.    In the Change of Circumstances section of the Case Actions page, select the change month from the drop-down list then click the Start Changes link.


2.    From the Navigation Pane, click the Work Registration  summary page.


3.    Select the appropriate client’s Work Registration page (for cases with more than one client).


o    In the Participation Status field select the Re - Mandatory Part/No Cooperation from the drop-down list.


o    In the # of Offense field enter [1, or 2] for first or second offense.


4.  From the Navigation Pane, click the Eligibility Details and confirm the closure/denial with Reason Code (RC) 132 - Refugee-Client Is Terminated For Non-Cooperation.


5.    Verify and commit the data.


If there are multiple clients on one AU, the sanctioned clients Finl Resp changes to DI – CA/MA Sanctioned, the AU remains active.

Modification Date: September 16, 2014