EBT – Electronic Benefit Transfer
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EBT – Electronic Benefit Transfer

Revised May 15, 2012

EBT – Electronic Benefit Transfer


What is Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)?


What benefits are paid to clients by EBT?


When are EBT Issuances sent to JPMorgan?


What is EBT claim activity?


How do I replace/reissue an EBT card in ACES?

What is Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)?


·         An issuance method where cash and basic food benefits are electronically sent to JP Morgan and then made accessible to clients using an EBT debit card.


What benefits are paid to clients by EBT?


·         Clients receiving assistance from the following programs have benefits issued by EBT:


o    AF (TANF)


o    EA (CEAP)


o    GA (Aged, Blind, or Disabled)

o    RF (Refugee)


o    FS (Basic Food)


When are EBT Issuances sent to JPMorgan?


·         Funds are deposited into EBT accounts through either a daily or monthly issuance.


·         Daily issuances occur during ACES daily batch cycle processing no later than 11:59 p.m.


·         Monthly issuances occur in the monthly issuance batch cycle no later than 11:59 p.m.


·         EBT emergency issuances occur four times per day Monday through Friday and twice per day on Saturday.


·         There are no emergency issuances on the Saturdays that ACES is not available, Sundays, or state holidays.


The emergency issuance times are:


Monday – Friday

9:30 a.m.     12:30 p.m.     3:30 p.m.    5:30 p.m.


9:30 a.m.     1:30 p.m.


·         Ongoing monthly EBT cash benefits are transmitted to EBT accounts on the first of the month.


·         Ongoing monthly EBT basic food benefits are transmitted to EBT accounts during the first 10 days of the month based on the last digit of the client’s FS AU.  See EAZ Manual - WAC 388-412-0020 When do I get my benefits?


What is EBT Claim Activity?


·         When a client’s EBT card transaction is completed, but later the EBT Vendor (JP Morgan) discovers the transaction was incomplete due to an electronic processing failure, the client’s EBT account needs to be adjusted.


·         ACES processes the adjustment based on the information provided in the EBT Claim Activity interface file.  For information on this process, see What is the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Claim Activity interface? 


How do I replace/reissue an EBT card in ACES?


1.    Select WMEN, Option H – Financial Mgmt Issuance.


2.    <TRANSMIT> and the HMEN screen displays.


3.    Select HMEN, Option K – EBT Card Repl/Reis Update.


4.    Enter the [AUID] in the AU ID field at the bottom of the screen.


5.    <TRANSMIT> and the FIRR screen displays.


6.    Enter [Y] in the Mail Replacement EBT Card to the HOH – Confirm? field and <TRANSMIT> to process the request. 

Modification Date: May 15, 2012