Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD)
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Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD)

Revised October 18, 2013

Who is an ABAWD?


How do I code a client as an ABAWD?


How long is the certification for an ABAWD?


How do I code an ABAWD who loses Basic Food eligibility?


What information do I enter in the non-qualifying work months field?


What information do I enter in the re-qualifying date field?


What is the subsequent non-qualifying months field?



Who is an ABAWD?


·         Clients age18-49 with no minor dependants are ABAWD. See EAZ Manual – WAC 388-444-0030 Work requirements for persons who are able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWDS).


How do I code a client as an ABAWD?


1.      On the WORK screen, enter [AB] - Able Bodied Adults without Dependents as the valid value in the  Partic Stat field. The Work Status field in the FS section then becomes mandatory.


o           On a new case or a case in which the Partic Stat field on the  WORK  screen was previously blank,  ACES defaults to the most appropriate valid value based on client demographics. For most ABAWD cases, the default value will be [AB] Able Bodied Adults without Dependents.


If this default value is not correct, it must be changed. If an entry had previously been made in this field, the system will not change it.

2.      In the Work Status field, enter the appropriate code. See <F1> Help.


3.      Enter the information about the ABAWD client’s employment and/or training history on the WORK screen in the Non-Qualifying Work Mths, Requalifying Dt and Subsequent Non-Qualify Mth fields.


o        ACES uses the information entered on the  WORK screen along with the other client demographics to determine eligibility for Basic Food.


How long is the certification for an ABAWD?


·         ABAWD clients or households that contain ABAWDS receive a 6-month certification. See EAZ Manual - WAC 388-416-0005 How long can I get Basic Food?


How do I code an ABAWD who loses Basic Food eligibility?


1.      On the WORK screen, change the [AB] in the Partic Stat field to [RE] - Mandatory Part/No Cooperation.


2.      In the NUMBER OFFENSES field, enter [number of offenses] by increasing the number by 1.  If there is no number enter [1].


3.      The client’s financial responsibility code on the STAT screen and the ELIG screen will be [FD] - FS E&T Disqualified with a Reason Code 215 - Failed Work Registration Requirements.


o        If income is entered on the FD member’s EARN screen, ACES will prorate the income based on the number of eligible and ineligible household members. It then uses the eligible member’s portion of the income in the Basic Food calculation.


o        ACES looks to see if the FD member with income has rent / mortgage expenses and / or utilities coded on their SHEL. These expenses are allowed and are budgeted the same as a non-disqualified member.


o        If the utility standard on any household member’s SHEL is coded S - SUA or L - LUA, ACES determines the appropriate standard. If using the SUA, the amount is based on the total number of household members. This amount will also include the FD member.


4.      On the FSFI screen, review the benefit computation to ensure that all income and resources are counted correctly in determining the household's Basic Food benefits.


5.      Confirm the benefits and commit the data.


What information do I enter in the non-qualifying work months field?


·         On the WORK screen, in the Work Status Non-Qualifying Work Mths field, enter the month and year for each month the ABAWD client failed to meet the work requirement.  There are fields to enter the 1st, 2nd and 3rd months.


o        This information will copy forward from month to month. It is not protected so it can be changed if necessary.


o        Dates entered in these fields must be in chronological order.


o        ACES will close the Client / AU when a month and year is entered in the Non-Qualifying Months - 3RD field.


What Information do I enter in the re-qualifying date field?


·         Use this field when an ABAWD client who was previously denied or closed for not meeting the ABAWD program requirements, is now reapplying for benefits.


1.       On the WORK screen, in the Requalifying Dt field, enter [the date the client has done everything needed to meet ABAWD program requirements].

o        ACES uses this date plus the application date to determine the begin date of the client's Basic Food benefits.

o        For the system to open a previously disqualified ABAWD client, the date in the Requalifying Dt field must be less than or equal to the application date, but not more than 30 days prior to the application date.

o        If the date is outside this period the AU/Client is denied for Reason Code 258 - Failed ABAWD Requirement.


ABAWD client was previously determined to be ineligible for Basic Food benefits effective 7/31 because he did not meet work requirements.  The client reapplies on 8/15.  The client is interviewed and the worker determines the client has worked 80 hours within the last thirty days.

Enter [8/15] in the Requalifying Dt field.

If otherwise eligible, the begin date of Basic Food benefits is 8/15.


Same situation as above, except when the client is interviewed on 8/20 the worker discovers that as of 8/15 the client had worked only 75 hours. He did not work 80 hours until 8/19.

Enter [8/19] in the Requalifying Dt  field.

ACES will deny the application.

For the client to be eligible in this situation he/she would have had to work the 80th hour 7/15 through 8/15.  A new assistance unit must be opened using 8/19 as the application date.

In this situation, when the denial and approval are both processed on the same day, do not reopen the denied AU.

When an AU is denied and reopened on the same day, ACES does not retain the historical information regarding the denial and no denial letter is generated.

If the denial and the approval are processed on different days, the originally denied AU can be reopened by entering the [date that the client met ABAWD requirements] as the application date.

What Is the subsequent non-qualifying months field?

·         After an initial non-qualifying three-month period, if the client re-qualifies, then again fails to meet the ABAWD requirements, they are eligible for another three months of benefits. See EAZ Manual – WAC 388-444-0045 Regaining eligibility for food assistance.

·         The second three months, after the initial non-qualifying period, can only happen once per client. ACES determines eligibility and tracks this using the Subsequent Non-Qualifying Mth field on the WORK screen.   

o        Based on the date entered in this field ACES determines the months of the second three-month period of eligibility.

o       The three-month period is the three consecutive months immediately following the date entered in the Subsequent Non-Qualifying Mth field.

o        If the client is in the middle of a certification period, ACES will close the AU with Reason Code 258 - Failed ABAWD Requirements - at the end of the third month or at the end of the certification period whichever is earlier.

Modification Date: October 18, 2013