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Case Detail

Revised March 25, 2011

At times it may be helpful to print a detailed report of case information in ACES for a particular benefit month.
  • ACES prints the requested Case Detail(s) in overnight batch.

  • The Case Detail is mailed to the CSO in the report bundles from Olympia.

  • It is not required, but may be helpful to request a case detail report before merging or splitting a client ID.  See Merge / Split Client IDs

  • The case detail can provide client demographics to be used when processing a case action, such as Add-a-Person, after the merge / split has been completed.

To print a case detail

  1. Enter Option [A] Assistance Unit / Client in the Selection field on the (WMEN).

  2. <TRANSMIT> and the (AMEN) displays.

  3. Enter Option [G] - Batch Print Request in the Selection field on the (AMEN).

  4. <TRANSMIT> and the (PRNT) screen displays.

  5. Enter Option [1] - Case Detail for Benefit Month in the Selection field on the (PRNT).

  6. Enter the [AUID] in the AUID field.

  7. <TRANSMIT> and the AUIDs of all AUs in which the client is listed display on the screen.

  8. Enter [Y] in the Sel field next to each AU that you wish to have the case details printed.

  9. <TRANSMIT> and Edit Message 0019 - Update Completed Successful - displays at the bottom of the screen.

  10. The case detail request will be sent to Olympia for processing in that night's batch processing.

Modification Date: March 25, 2011