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Institutions for Mental Diseases (IMD)

Revised June 23, 2014


Who is eligible to receive I01 medical?


How long is the I01 certification period?


How do I screen I01 medical?


How do I process a pending I01 medical?


Who is eligible to receive I01 medical?


·         Individuals who reside in a public mental institution who are age 21 and younger unless they turn 21 while in the facility or age 65 and older may be eligible for I01 Medical coverage when they meet the eligibility criteria in the following WAC\EAZ Manual sections:


o    EAZ Manual – WAC 182-513-1315 Eligibility for long-term care (institutional, waiver, and hospice) services.


o    EAZ Manual – WAC 182-513-1320 Determining institutional status for long-term care (LTC) services.


o    EAZ Manual – WAC 388-400-0060 Who is eligible for aged, blind, or disabled (ABD) cash assistance?


The I01 medical program is for residents in Western or Eastern State Hospitals plus four Children’s Long Term Inpatient Program (CLIP) facilities: Child Study & Treatment Center, Pearl Street Center, McGraw Center and Tamarack who have been admitted for treatment under the Involuntary Treatment Act (ITA).

How long is the I01 certification period?


·         The I01 medical program is certified for 3 months.


·         Re-determine medical eligibility at the end of the 3 months or if the client leaves the facility.


How do I screen I01 medical?    


·         To screen an I01 AU, take the following steps:


1.    From the Welcome Back page in, click the Screen New Application link at the top of the page. The Applicant page displays in a new window.


2.    On the Applicant page, enter the applicant’s (head of household) Name, Residential and Mailing Addresses.

o    If the applicant is a child, enter the child as the head of household. 


3.    Click the AREP/Payee checkbox so the hospital can be entered as an authorized representative.


4.    To add the hospital as an Authorized Representative. See  Screening – - Authorized Representatives.  


5.    Continue with the screening process until you reach the Programs page.


6.    On the Programs page, click the box next to Cash, under Program Determination Criteria; click the box next to Resident of an Institution for Mentally Diseased.


7.    On the Add Member page, enter the client information.


8.    On the Finalize-Program details page, select Inpatient Psychiatric (GI).


9.    Complete the screening process.  See Screening.


How do I process a pending I01 medical?


·         To process I01 AU, take the following steps:


1.    On the AMEN screen, enter Option O – Interview in the Selection field.


2.    On the STAT screen, complete the Finl Resp field as follows:


o    [PN] – Applicant for the applicant.


3.    On the DEM1 screen, enter [IM] – Institution for the Mentally Diseased (IMD) in the Living Arngmt field.


4.    On the DEM2 screen:


o    Enter the appropriate disability/incapacity code in the Dis/Incap Type field. See <F1> Help.


o    Enter [IP] – IMD Patient (GI-A/GI-K Only) in the Approval Source field.


5.    On the INST screen: 

o    In the facility section:

¨        Enter [IM] - Institution for the Mental Disease (IMD) in the Type field.

¨        Enter the [date the client entered the institution] in the Entry Date field.

¨        Enter [D] (IMD) in the Level of Care field.

¨        Enter [Payment Auth date] in the Payment Auth Date field.

¨        Enter [the correct Private rate] (contact the facility to determine the rate for that facility) in the Private Rate field.

¨        Enter [the correct State rate] in the State Rate field.


6.    Complete the interview following instructions in the Interview chapter.


7.    After committing the interview data, follow the instructions in the Process Application Month chapter for all pending months.


8.    After all pending months have been processed; follow the instructions in the Finalize Application chapter to complete the I01 application process.


Modification Date: June 23, 2014