Reissuance for Cash Case
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Reissuance for Cash Case

Revised September 15, 2011

Reissuance for Cash Case

When can I reissue cash benefits?


How do I process a reissuance?


How do I reissue a cash Vendor Payment?


When can I reissue cash benefits?


·         This process can only be used for cash cases when benefits are issued by warrant.


·         It cannot be used for basic food cases or cash cases with benefits issued by EBT or EFT.


Before reissuing benefits make sure that the original issuance has been cancelled to ensure no duplicate issuance occurs.  ACES does not check for this before generating the reissued benefit. 

How do I process a reissuance?


·         Recalculate eligibility:


1.    Recalculate eligibility on-line for the appropriate benefit month(s).


2.    Select AMEN, Option R - Interim / Hist Change.


3.    Enter the [benefit month (MM YY)] in the Benefit Month field.


4.    Enter [case data as needed] to correctly recalculate eligibility or make changes for the AU.


5.    Confirm the changes so the case data is written to the database.


·         Determine original issuance number:


1.    Select WMEN, Option J – Benefit History.


2.    <TRANSMIT> and the JMEN screen displays.


3.    Select JMEN, Option D – Benefit History Listing.


4.    Enter the [AUID] in the AU ID field to get the original issuance number.


5.    <TRANSMIT>. Write down the original issuance number. You will need it to process the replacement.


6.    Press <F3> to return to the WMEN screen.


·         Process reissuance:


1.    Select WMEN, Option H - Financial Mgmt Issuance.


2.    <TRANSMIT> ACES displays the HMEN screen.


3.    Select HMEN, Option F – Issuance Repl / Reis Update.


4.    Complete the mandatory fields:


o    Enter the [AU ID] in the AU ID field.


o    Enter the [Original issuance number] in the Warrant field.


o    [RC] must be entered in the Repl / Reis Code field so ACES uses the last calculated benefit amount from CAFI screen to reissue the benefit.


5.    <TRANSMIT>. The Issuance Replace / Reissue ISRE screen displays.


6.    Enter [Y] in the Confirm field.


7.    <TRANSMIT>. The HMEN screen displays with Edit 0019 - UPDATE COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY - at the bottom of the screen.


o    A cash reissuance must be approved by a supervisor on ISAP.


How do I reissue a cash Vendor Payment?


·         If a warrant has been issued to the wrong vendor the only way it can be reissued is to create a BEG and use the BEGV screen to make the payment to the correct vendor.


·         In this situation make sure the original warrant has been cancelled before the BEG is created and the case is thoroughly documented why the BEG was created.  See Vendor Payment.


Modification Date: September 15, 2011